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Autotrader Deems 2017 Ford Escape a Compact SUV Superstar

Are you seeking a compact crossover for your next vehicular purchase?

Well, if so, we here at Cowles Parkway Ford Inc. suggest you do yourself a solid and try ours -- the 2017 Ford Escape -- on for size.

Don't buy it? Suspect we're merely blowing smoke?

Then, check the clip below. You're bound to be singing a very different tune after learning a bit more about the Escape from Autotrader critic Debra Shigley:

Though there are myriad engine options available for the Escape, we've little doubt most shoppers will be satisfied by the 2.5-liter four-cylinder of…

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4 Awesome Alternative Fuel Vehicles from Ford

If you've been eyeing an electric vehicle or thinking there's no better time to invest in a hybrid car, Ford has several enticing options to consider. Keep reading to learn about some of them.


The Focus Electric

The cute Ford Focus is a very popular compact car, and you've almost certainly seen it on the road. However, you might not know that Ford also makes an all-electric version. If you get this car with an available fast charging system, it's possible to go more than 75 miles after charging the vehicle for just a half hour…

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3 Quaint Virginia Towns for a Nice Getaway

The non-stop action of DC easily ripples out as far as the Woodbridge area, so it's not surprising that local folks sometimes get the urge to hit the road and find a place to slow things down a bit. Fortunately, Virginia's long history and diversity ensure that there's a city or village to match anyone's desires. Selecting one for a day trip is as easy as deciding what you're looking for.



About 1,500 people reside in beautiful Onancock, located on Virginia's eastern shore. Besides its top-notch restaurants and accommodations, you'll find…

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Cowles Ford Commercial Vehicles

Looking for a dependable commercial vehicle but not sure which one is right for you?  Cowles Parkway Ford has a huge line of the best commercial vehicles in Virginia.  There are several types of commercial vehicles, so let’s find out which one fits your needs and budget.

Box Truck

The Box Truck, also known as a cube truck, cube van, rolling toaster or straight truck, is a truck with a cuboid-shaped cargo area. They…

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Modern, Affordable Elegance: The 2017 Ford Fusion

The Ford Fusion has been around for well over a decade, providing an affordable option for those seeking a car that offers technology, style, and safety. The 2017 Fusion brings more than a few changes that make America's favorite mid-size sedan better than ever.


Something for Everyone

Whether you're looking for a no-frills commuter car with a low price tag, a sporty race-inspired driving experience, or an eco-friendly ride with industry-leading mileage, there's a 2017 Fusion to fit your needs. No fewer than 12 models are available.

For instance, the base S features a 2.5-liter Duratec…

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3 Reasons The Mustang Shelby is the Greatest Sports Car

The beloved and iconic 1965 Ford Mustang quickly earned a well-deserved global reputation for style and performance. The high-performance Shelby variant was in a class of its own. After rolling off Ford's assembly lines, stock Mustangs would be shipped to Shelby American and revamped into the legendary Shelby GT350 models. The modern Ford Mustang Shelbys are still renowned for exceptional power and handling, and 2017 ushers in what is quite possibly the finest sports car in existence today.


Unparalleled Muscle

The 2017 Mustang Shelby features a 5.2-liter V8 that's similar to the one found in the Mustang…

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Ford Fusion Customers Will Love How The Car Drives

Everyone who loves cars will find out that the Ford Fusion can give them a nice time driving when they just want to get away and go for a drive.
The drive that you go on in the Fusion is going to be a lot of fun because the car was made to maneuver everywhere you go, and is smart on fuel, even taking a long trip.
You get the best of both worlds; no more wondering how to have fun and be practical at the same time.
You can get the whole family into the car or it can…
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Ford 999 Won Grosse Point Michigan Race in 1902

From the beginning, Henry Ford asserted that he wanted to make an affordable automobile.  Some of his investors wanted him to only offer luxury vehicles; rumor is that one of his early partnerships fell apart due to his low-cost insistence.  Ford wanted to make a motorcar for everyone.
After building his first automobile, Ford worked as chief engineer for the Detroit Edison Company.  On the side, he sold his ...
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4 Ideas to Get Off the Beaten Path in Washington, D.C.

Whether you're visiting our nation's capital for the first time or the thousandth time, there's never any shortage of activities and landmarks to enjoy. However, thanks to throngs of tourists and overexposure by the mass media, a trip to the National Mall could wind up as exciting as a trip to a shopping mall. Fortunately, Washington DC offers a wealth of surprisingly offbeat adventures for the savvy traveler.


DEA Museum

In the lobby of the Drug Enforcement Agency you'll find a small museum dedicated to educating the public on the dangers of drugs. This museum has…

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2017 Steel Frame for the Win

Are you looking for a truck that can go to extremes? This car, the 2017 Ford Super Duty Steel Frame, can do just that. Holding up to six people, it totally does what it says it can---tows heavy payloads, takes curves with ease, and comes at a good price for you and your family.

You're sure to appreciate the way this car is built---it's 350 pounds lighter than some of the other trucks out there, but it is made from steel in its frame, so it's the perfect tow truck due to stability. Plus, you'll love…

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