Pay Attention to These Ford Focus Technology Features

Ford Focus is the popular compact car you have to drive to experience. Here are some of the technology features you should pay closer attention to.

One of the unique technology features doubles as a safety feature too. All you need to do is get near the Focus with the key fob in pocket or purse, and you can open the doors with the push of a button. The Intelligent Access with push-button start allows you to even start the car by touching the brake pedal and pushing start.

The standard rear-view camera that comes in the new Ford Focus…

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Check Out the Ford Expedition's Interior Features

If you haven't yet checked out the Ford Expedition, you are in for a surprise with this full-size SUV. It features a two-panel sunroof so that you, your front passenger and your second-row passengers can enjoy fresh air and plenty of sunshine. When it's closed, the sunroof has a UV-resistant cover to keep you shaded and cool.

The third-row passengers are not left out of the comfort or convenience. The bucket seats fully recline, making it easy to take a nap on a long road trip. The third row also features plenty of head and legroom for even…

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Ford Super Duty Means Durability for Your Needs

Ford did not create the strongest Super Duty pickup truck on the market by luck. They achieved it through superior engineering and through putting the strength where it counts. If you need a truck that can do the job every day consistently, then you need to experience the new Ford Super Duty.

Ford used materials such as military-grade aluminum alloy to reduce the weight yet give its body components the strength that they need for the long haul. This makes the body resistant to minor dents and dings, as well as rust.

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4 Libraries to Visit Near Woodbridge, VA

Spending time in a library is relaxing, informative, and entertaining. There are several libraries in and around the Woodbridge area that offer much more than just books. You can use the computers, access public documents, and even bring the kids for special children's programs. Here are the libraries worth visiting near Woodbridge, Virginia… 

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Check Out the 2018 Spring Mustang and Ford Show

Are you in love with your Ford or Mustang? Come show it off at the National Capital Region Mustang Club’s Mustang and Ford Show! This event is full of Ford owners and lovers, young and old. It gives you a chance to show off your prized possession in a friendly competition while mingling with fellow Ford enthusiasts. This is a pet friendly event, so feel free to bring the whole family out for a… 

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