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3 Things That Make the 2017 Ford Transit the Perfect Vehicle for Your Business

Running a business and keeping it profitable is surely a difficult venture, and sometimes it's the seemingly minor details that can turn your business from break-even to profitable. If you're a business that uses transportation for cargo or passengers frequently, one of those seemingly-minor considerations will be a reliable, versatile vehicle. With tons of cargo space, excellent fuel economy, and other amenities, the 2017 Ford Transit is the premier commercial van on the market. Here are just a few things that make the Transit the perfect vehicle for your business.


1. Fully Customizable for Your Needs

One of…

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3 Reasons to Buy the 2017 Ford Taurus

For over 30 years, the Ford Taurus has been synonymous with the success of the Ford Motor Company. In 2017, it returns as one of the most talked about incarnations of the flagship sedan in years. Emboldened looks, surprising features, and an awesome driving experience highlight the lengthy list of amenities, but the Taurus still stays true to its original formula of reliability and affordability. If you're searching for a mid-sized sedan that's sure to tantalize the senses, don't forget about the Taurus. Here are just a few reasons to consider it for your next vehicle purchase…

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Tackle the Open Road with the 2017 Ford Focus

With the new and improved 2017 Ford Focus, tackling the open road can now be accomplished hassle-free. This vehicle packs an incredible amount of heavy duty features to ensure you safely get from one location to another.

The PowerShift automatic transmission is perhaps one of the most uniquely designed features of the Focus. This function limits fuel consumption for your vehicle. Giving your car maximum power when needed, the PowerShift significantly increases the performance of your Ford Focus.
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4 Reasons Living in Virginia is Awesome

Virginia is a bustling state steeped in both culture and history. The Old Dominion State is also a nature lover's paradise with some fantastic landscapes. And the diverse range of food found around the state ensures you'll never grow tired of eating the same old dishes.

The state's nickname originates from the time of the English Civil War when King Charles II dubbed it Virginia due to its loyalty to the English Crown. Read on to learn about four reasons why living in Virginia is awesome. 


1. History

As one of the original 13 British colonies, Virginia…

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3 Date Night Restaurants Near D.C.

Finding the ideal date night restaurant in any city is not the easiest of tasks. Luckily, in Washington D.C., you are spoiled for choice with hundreds of restaurants serving up a variety of cuisines to suit most tastes.

A good date night restaurant is not all about the food, though. You'll also want to go to a restaurant that has the right ambiance, which, for a date, typically means somewhere with an intimate, romantic atmosphere. But it could also mean casual and relaxed. Read on for a selection of three great date night restaurants in Washington D.C…

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4 Ford SUVs and Crossovers You Need to Drive

Maybe you've decided now's the perfect time to finally own an awesome Ford crossover or SUV, but you haven't created a shortlist yet. The list below will help you start figuring out which ones to test drive.

The Edge

The Ford Edge is a sleek SUV packed with high-tech features that'll help you get more enjoyment from every drive. For example, you can get your Edge with an adaptive steering system…

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Autotrader Deems 2017 Ford Escape a Compact SUV Superstar

Are you seeking a compact crossover for your next vehicular purchase?

Well, if so, we here at Cowles Parkway Ford Inc. suggest you do yourself a solid and try ours -- the 2017 Ford Escape -- on for size.

Don't buy it? Suspect we're merely blowing smoke?

Then, check the clip below. You're bound to be singing a very different tune after learning a bit more about the Escape from Autotrader critic Debra Shigley:

Though there are myriad engine options available for the Escape, we've little doubt most shoppers will be satisfied by the 2.5-liter four-cylinder of…

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4 Awesome Alternative Fuel Vehicles from Ford

If you've been eyeing an electric vehicle or thinking there's no better time to invest in a hybrid car, Ford has several enticing options to consider. Keep reading to learn about some of them.


The Focus Electric

The cute Ford Focus is a very popular compact car, and you've almost certainly seen it on the road. However, you might not know that Ford also makes an all-electric version. If you get this car with an available fast charging system, it's possible to go more than 75 miles after charging the vehicle for just a half hour…

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3 Quaint Virginia Towns for a Nice Getaway

The non-stop action of DC easily ripples out as far as the Woodbridge area, so it's not surprising that local folks sometimes get the urge to hit the road and find a place to slow things down a bit. Fortunately, Virginia's long history and diversity ensure that there's a city or village to match anyone's desires. Selecting one for a day trip is as easy as deciding what you're looking for.



About 1,500 people reside in beautiful Onancock, located on Virginia's eastern shore. Besides its top-notch restaurants and accommodations, you'll find…

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